Where Wickedness Happens Daily

Dear God, My last cigarette felt like a mistake. How come you can’t help me quit? You act like I’m your brother but you treat me like a slave.

dear god, we made it back in to our apartment, alive. you truly move in mysterious ways. So why “hokus pokus” me this love seat in a two setter for as a moving in present? Wave the wand. Life is what happens while your busy looking for a place to sit down.

dear god, what do you think about my book title “i found the skull didn’t i?”

dear god, has there ever been a better song written about a car?


dear god, why do you come here when you know i’ve got troubles enough?

Dear god, these are my feelings about the nba free agency going on right now.

Dear god, is it time to start calling messi messia (pronounced mes-sigh-a)? and also, dont you think the gengrafecation of the internet is worse then brooklyn, san fran, or detroit? And this means i had a light bulb moment twice today, which ive got to say, if were keeping score, has got you beat.

dear god, this is why i had my birthday upstate instead of brooklyn.

imageplus we are having a flash flood warning.

Dear god would it really be a good thing if we started talking like we were in the movies?


"come on, put your back into it"

"ay aye captain"

"were so close i can almost taste it"

later while a man chases a child

"i always said he would leave me for another woman"



"this house is like the end of the world"

ps, happy birthday ken russel. i still dont know if your movies are good or bad and honestly i dont care.

Dear God, are we really winning?

feeling kinda manly/ looking kinda handy

ready for a yummy cheese steak roll.