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feeling kinda manly/ looking kinda handy

ready for a yummy cheese steak roll.

smells like team spirit. my number one biggest fan showing of his new jokers gone wild tattoo.

Dear god, remember when it used to be usual for some one to openly rep sports and root for teams and know players names? Those were probably better times and hopefully we can get back there someday, but in the mean time go seahawks, and in case it happens, i had a dream last night that the broncos beat the pats in triple over time and the hawks crushed the niners 45-12 (i picked up a paper on my way to my brothers record release party, a 50 minute free jazz jam collaboration with KWJAZZ called ANT HOUSE )


Dear aspiring independent film makers

Need a tip for making a hit? get a nc-17 rating. If you don’t believe me just take a peak at these numbers

Blue Valentine 2010

budget $ 1 million - box office $ 12 million

Shame 2011

budget $ 6.5 million - box office $ 17 million

Blue is the warmest color 2013

budget $5.4 million - box office $10 million

cut down on plot, give the people what the want, get debated and praised like your worth a shit, spend all year on red carpet. what more could you want? and not because you did anything wrong like follow a tread, but because you showed it like it is. people have sex, and its not always pretty. that’s reality

Dear god,

Do you think Sheryl Crow might be the 90s Bob Dylan?

Looks at the facts. All I wanna do is her like a Rolling Stones and Everyday is a Winding Road is her day in the life.


Dear God,

Do you think we are ever going to reinvent the wheel?

Dear god,

Do you think we are ever going to reinvent the wheel? its tough to think what the would look like so I’ll speak for both for us when I say that its doubtful at best. But its not for a lack of trying. This is a collection of a couple recent inventions that would be nice to see more often.

Dear God,

I don’t think people will ever reinvent the wheel, but it is not for lack of trying . Here are a just couple more recent attempts that have without a doubt come close.

but dont expect a postcard from me anytime soon buddy cuz its not gonna happen.

@looking forward to the new year.

For anyone who forgot to get me a christmas present heres a record I want for aquarius. records (anthony or spencer i’m looking at you)
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NEW ARRIVALS List #440 (20 December 2013)

album coverV/A Sounds Of Silence (Alga Marghen) lp 31.00  
We had to do it. How could this NOT be an aQ Record Of The Week? Some folks will no doubt cry foul, and accuse us of arty pretension, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sure we love lots of strange stuff, and we love difficult listening, and challenging, arty sonic WTF weirdness, and have been known to champion some seriously bizarre records and groups, but we do love all that stuff. Like we love jangly pop, and buzzy black metal, we also love field recordings of abandoned buildings, we love the sound of record crackle, tape hiss, we love industrial sounds, the whir of heating units, the thrum of traffic bleeding through the walls, we love the drone found in everyday life, the music hidden in the most unmusical of places. In fact, it’s almost become a running joke around here, we’ll be somewhere, and some piece of machinery will be buzzing or humming, or some construction site will be emitting a strangely rhythmic crunch, and our first thought it often “We could definitely sell a bunch of these at aQ!” And after all these years, we know you’re right there with us. Buying recordings of hospital rooms and life support machines, recordings of mating deer and drag races, records made entirely from runout grooves, we could go on and on, but c’mon, you love that stuff as much as we do. Which brings us to Sounds Of Silence, which as the title suggests, is in fact a collection of the most famous musical silences! That’s right, a silent record. Or at least mostly, bear with us. 
We’ve had other ‘silent’ records at aQ before, from the not-so-silent Blank Tapes, which found Argentinean weirdos Reynols constructing a whole record from recordings of, yes, blank tapes, that disc a fantastic sonic landscape of hiss and hum, subtly textural and weirdly mesmerizing, to (in the used bin once), a purported compilation of Billy Joel’s “Greatest Hits”, which was in fact a recording with no sound at all, an obvious artprank jab at the ubiquitous piano man. Hell, we even poked fun at ourselves by listing a cd that didn’t even exist on our April Fools list a while back, waxing poetic about the ‘nothingness’ and the ‘void’ and the concept behind the lack of actual music, we even made a mock up with an empty jewel case, that spent a good long while on the employee favorites shelf in the store. But the thing is, we do love silence, or at least, the attempt to capture silence, in a world, where true silence doesn’t actually exist. From barely there recordings by Francisco Lopez and Bernard Gunter, to field recordings of industrial spaces, it’s not so much about the silence, as what surrounds it, and what threatens to destroy it. 
So yeah, maybe you’d have to be a pretty big music dork to want to pay thirty bucks for a silent record, but then, we’re all pretty big music dorks after all. C’mon, check out the lineup! Andy Warhol, Ciccone Youth, Sly & The Family Stone, Robert Wyatt, Afrika Bambatta & Family, Orbital, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Crass, Whitehouse, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Soulfly, John Denver, The Count Backwards and lots more. Maybe the most unlikely lineup on a compilation ever. Who knows if this is some super provocative art-prank, or a lovingly curated collection of experimental sound, or heck, a little of both, it’s pretty goddamn fascinating, and weird, and cool, fans of lowercase sound will find much to dig, lots of crackle and hiss, of course even beyond the original recordings, depending in your method of playback, each person’s listening experience will be different, more noise and hiss and hum and crackle and pop, you could even scratch the shit out if it before you play it and truly individualize it, Christian Marclay style! But the sounds themselves are surprisingly varied, those that come from digital sources, are truly nearly silent, while others are actually not so silent, and still others, don’t even exist at all, their length listed as 0’0”, presented here as they were when they were originally ‘released’, the original intention unclear, high concept, political statement, who knows, but tracks like Sly & The Family Stone’s “There’s A Riot Goin’ On”, which was mentioned on the album cover, but was then conspicuously absent from the actual lp, or Andy Warhol’s “Silence (Copyright 1932)”, which was supposedly created by Warhol when he was 4 years old, or the Afrika Bambatta track “Beware (The Funk Is Everywhere) (Silent Version)”, which was originally presented as a “Radical Mix”. But fear not, Sounds Of Silence, is not all high concept, there are actual tracks, well, actual sort of silent tracks, it seems a little pointless to describe each one, since, they are all essentially ‘silent’, and they ARE, both sides, track after track of barely there thrum, fields of crackle, the occasional pop, most of that we’re guessing from OUR turntable, but close listening reveals much of the source, some tracks have barely there sounds, whether it’s the sound of the room, or the vinyl from which it was mastered, or who knows, maybe we’re just hearing what we want to. Maybe there is nothing but silence. A long time ago, we at aQ dreamed of a record made entirely of vinyl lp crackle, which led sound artist Loren Chasse to do just that (sort of, he simulated it with field recordings of surf and rain actually), so in a way, if you remove the high concept angle, Sounds Of Silence, is kind of like that, like maybe a more minimal version of our long dreamed of record crackle record. Either way, you know if this is your cup of tea or if you think it’s a total crock of shit. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing you’re in the first camp, but really either way, we LOVE this. It’s brilliant, hilarious, confusional, baffling, there are extensive liner notes too, track by track discussing where each one came from, why each one is important, the concept behind them, there’s even an essay on silence, it’s of course fantastically packaged, and totally over the top. Well, as ‘over the top’ as a silent record can be. 
Recommended for music nerds, weirdo sonic obsessives and anyone who would dig having such a ridiculous record in your collection. Don’t believe us? Check out the sound samples? What sound samples? Exactly!
Cool Simon & Garfunkle parody cover art too. LIMITED TO 250 COPIES ONLY!! 

I didn’t come here to start a fight, because i’m on parole tonight
but you know you broke the wrong heart, baby,
And drove me redneck. you drove me redneck crazy.